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Best Intentions

So I wasn’t sure what to write upon my return to the blog.Which is why I’ve been dragging my feet even though I started feeling back to my old self a few weeks ago.I had very good intentions, lots of ideas to write about, and a lot of energy to see this succeed and then I started feeling sick.I had a low grade fever, trouble breathing, and my whole body hurt.I was exhausted all the time and my memory was shot.I could barely get out in the garden much less write anything about it.
Has anyone guessed what I came down with yet?
Got it now? 
Lyme Disease.
I had a tick in my shoulder the very first day I planted my vegetable garden.It couldn’t have been there more than four hours.Surely that wasn’t enough time for me to get it?We pulled it out and moved on.I didn’t get any symptoms until almost two months later and I never had a bullseye rash.
21 days on Doxycycline.I still haven’t decided what was worse the medication or the disease.The medicine made me tired, sick to my stomach, and extremel…

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